Attract candidates to your roles with search engine advertising & social media

Google & Bing Advertising

Search Engine advertising allows you to get your job vacancy in front of the right candidates with the right opportunity before anyone else.

This method places your adverts at the top of Google or Bing search results, making them visible to active and passive jobseekers alike.

Research has shown that 87% of job searches start with the candidate searching on Google, making it a crucial aspect of any candidate attraction strategy.



Search advertising connects the right person with the right job in the right location.

Mobile & Tablet Reach

Adverts appear on all devices including mobiles and tablets ensuring people can respond to jobs at their convenience.

Beat the competition

Placing your adverts at the top of searches allows you to drive traffic away from your competitors.

Target Passive Users

As well as getting in front of the active jobseeker, your ads will also be seen by passive jobseekers who are not actively searching for a new position.

Twitter & Facebook

Social media has revolutionised the way in which candidates search for jobs and research potential employers. Studies show that around 76% of the UK population use some form of social media with Facebook and Twitter still by far the most popular.

The dawn of social media advertising has allowed us to target active and passive jobseekers more specifically than ever before. Adverts appear in users timelines and newsfeeds displaying key information and images, links will then send candidates through to the full job advert on

Candidates can be targeted based on specific criteria such as age, location, interests and behaviour allowing advertisers to filter out non-relevant users and focus solely on those more likely to convert into applicants.


Increased Visibility

Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular social platforms. We’ve focused our efforts on building communities of relevant jobseekers, dramatically increasing the visibility of your vacancies.

Granular Targeting

Both platforms focus heavily on the behaviours and interests of the user making it possible to serve highly relevant content to the right people.

Open A Dialogue

More broadly relevant campaigns can underpin your employer value proposition by encouraging open dialogue with potential candidates.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is commonly thought of as the social media platform for professionals. User profiles are treated as online CVs and a primary use for users is to research potential employers and find new opportunities.


Relevant Applicants

Make your vacancies visible to professionals currently working in relevant positions that specifically match the requirements of your vacancies.

Maximise Calibre

This maximises the chances of you receiving applications from high calibre, qualified candidates.

Suits Senior Roles

Due to its professional nature, LinkedIn advertising is particularly effective for more senior vacancies.

Display & Remarketing

Whilst the Google Search Network allows you to target candidates based on search terms that they are using, the Display Network offers a whole new way of promoting your vacancy and attracting candidates.

What is the Display Network?

The Google Display Network is made up of over 2 million websites, reaching 90% of all internet users. These websites all have advertising space of varying sizes on which advertisers using the Display Network can feature visually striking and engaging adverts.

Advertising on the Display Network allows advertisers to place their vacancies in front of passive candidates on a variety of sites. Candidates are targeted based on age, location and behaviour, including websites they visit regularly and other data that Google collects based on their activity. This means that adverts will only be served to those that you specify.



Your adverts will appear on a variety of sites throughout the Google Display Network, reaching a significantly wider audience.


Striking visual adverts will engage passive candidates in a different way.


Adverts will raise brand awareness for your organisation. They will also raise your organisation’s profile as adverts appear on a range of websites.


As an innovative and little-used method of attraction, you’re vacancy will stand out from the competition.

What is Re-marketing?

Re-marketing is similar to Display Network advertising in that it serves visual adverts to candidates on other websites on the Display Network. The difference is that the audience for the adverts is built through visits to your vacancy.

Re-marketing serves to target those who have visited your vacancy but are yet to apply, reminding them of the vacancy and encouraging them to return and apply. Specific criteria are set in order to only target those who have visited the vacancy a certain number of times, spent a certain amount of time looking at the vacancy or have downloaded your job description or other files.



Those who have expressed interest in your vacancy will be encouraged to return and apply.


The internet is a busy place and candidates are easily distracted, re-marketing provides a gentle reminder of your vacancy.


Secures applications from candidates who may otherwise have been lost.


Raises the profile of your organisation and the vacancy by appearing across a variety of websites.

Sponsored Editorial

Jobsgopublic’s popular jobseeker blog ( receives thousands of visitors every month, looking for advice and guidance in their job search. These visitors come to our blog as an authority on job seeking and career development.

We are now offering the opportunity to have a focused article on your organisation feature on our blog. This sponsored editorial could include key information on your organisation, the work you do, the benefits of working for you, exciting projects you are working on or a day in the life of a staff member: the options are endless!

You can choose whether to provide article text or have one of our professional copywriters tackle it for you. Branded with your logo, articles can feature any imagery or media of your choice. They’re also promoted via our extensive social media channels – now reaching over 30,000 people – and in our 35,000 subscriber candidate newsletter.



90% of candidates look for further information on an employer before applying – sponsored editorial lets you control the brand, message & story they see.


Featuring your organisation will significantly raise candidate’s awareness of your organisation and brand, encouraging applications and identifying you as an ‘employer of choice’.


Encourage those who might not have previously considered a career in your industry with a focus on your organisation, culture and vacancies.


Featuring content about your organisation on the blog advertises your offering to passive jobseekers, expanding your audience.

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