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Looking to recruit a Social Worker?

Search Engine Marketing

50,000 searches on Google every week makes SEM advertising a powerful tool in recruiting social workers.

Boosted & Enhanced Listings

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, Boosted and Enhanced Listings will help your vacancy stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing

As an industry with a number of discussion points, those in the profession tend to be active on social media. Social Media Advertising is a great way to reach this audience.

Looking to recruit a Housing Officer?

Targeted Email

With around 20,000 candidates across the UK signed up to receive Housing emails, a Targeted Email is an incredibly effective way to reach our Housing audience.

Search Engine Marketing

Housing roles are consistently successful when advertised through Google due to high numbers of searches every month.


A button on is a great way to boost the visibility of a Housing vacancy and regularly secure high numbers of clicks.

SmartSearch is Jobsgopublic’s affordable bespoke candidate research and resourcing service, specialising in executive, senior management and harder to fill roles.

How does it work?

The team works closely with clients to gain a full picture of the requirements of the role and specific candidate profile. They then conduct a highly targeted search process to seek out the most relevant passive candidates. Candidates are then directly contacted with details of the vacancy.

A variety of innovative attraction methods are also implemented including:

  • Search Engine Marketing advertising
  • Email marketing
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Social media promotion

Once the applications are in, candidates are considered against specific criteria and telephone interviews are carried out in order to assess and produce a high calibre shortlist.

Looking to boost your brand awareness?

Display Advertising

Visually engaging adverts used in Display Advertising appear on a variety of sites and serve to raise brand awareness and boost your organisation’s profile.

Social Media Advertising

Using Social Media Advertising to target followers of other relevant accounts allow you to communicate your brand to relevant candidates.

Site Takeover

A Site Takeover uses every enhancement throughout, all branded with your logo. This ensures maximum exposure for your organisation and vacancies.

Looking to fill multiple vacancies?

Targeted Email

With a Targeted Email you have the option to promote a number of roles in the same email, the email will include a separate link for each role and key information about your organisation.

Jobsgopublic Enhancements

Using enhancements such as MPUs and Button have proved to be incredibly effective when promoting multiple vacancies. Advertising on premium space on Jobsgopublic’s homepage, these enhancements increase visibility and drive traffic through to the vacancies.

Looking to fill a unique/obscure role?


Leaderboards have proved to be an incredibly effective way of promoting obscure or lesser-known roles. Taking pride of place on the homepage, Leaderboards help raise awareness for roles that candidates may not have been previously aware of.

Featured Job Button

Featured Job Buttons on our monthly candidate newsletter are particularly effective in promoting roles that candidates may not have directly searched for. Providing the basic key information and driving traffic through to a full advert.

Looking to attract candidates to a remote location?

Sponsored Editorial

Sponsored Editorial uses the candidate blog as a platform through which to provide detail on the benefits of an organisation and location. This allows candidates to gain a clear idea of why they might consider relocating.

Employer Page

Like Sponsored Editorial, an Employer Page allows candidates to get a clear idea of an organisation and the area in which they are based. Providing this insight can encourage candidates to make more informed decisions.

Looking to recruit graduates or apprentices?

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is incredibly effective when targeting a younger audience. Using factors such as age and interests allows to specifically target and engage candidates for gradate and apprenticeship schemes.

With hundreds of thousands of searches on Google for apprenticeships and graduate jobs every month, Google advertising is an incredibly effective way of getting your vacancies in front of active and passive candidates.

Are you a new or lesser-known organisation looking to boost your profile?

Social Media Advertising

Utilising Social Media Advertising is an effective method of boosting brand awareness.

Display Advertising

The visual nature of Display Advertising allows you to boost your brand awareness with engaging adverts. With your adverts appearing on a variety of sites across the Google Display Network, this is also a highly effective way to boost your profile.

Sponsored Editorial

Sponsored Editorial is a great way to provide candidates with key information about your organisation and an insight into the work you do. An Employer Page would also be an effective tool in building trust and informing candidates about you.

Looking to recruit to a hard-to-fill role?

Candidate Search - Smartsearch

Receive a high-calibre shortlist of well-qualified candidates using SmartSearch, our bespoke candidate search and resourcing service. We'll centre our innovative search techniques on your specific role requirements - and we have a 95% success rate!


Advertising on LinkedIn is an incredibly effective method for targeting more experienced/senior level candidates.

Deep Web Searching

Deep Web Searching ensures that your vacancy will be placed in front of suitable candidates.

Premium Locate

Our Premium Locate package combines LinkedIn advertising and Deep Web Searching with Google Advertising and popular enhancements.

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