Great copy attracts great talent

Job Adverts

A well-written job advert will make all the difference in the response not only in the quantity but also in the quality of applicant.

It is the first impression that a candidate will get of your organisation and can make all the difference when it comes to persuading them to hit that all important ‘Apply Now’ button.

Candidates will literally take a few seconds deciding whether or not your organisation is right for them, making it essential that the advert is well written with the important information is easy to find.

A well-written advert should also only encourage applications from qualified candidates with sufficient experience as it clearly communicates the requirements of the role. Your days of sifting through an endless pile of applications from unsuitable candidates will be over.

Following exclusive research from Jobsgopublic, 81% of jobseekers said they would be put off from applying if the advert was written badly. This emphasises the importance of a professionally written advert; without it you could be left with just 19% of your potential audience. Could your ideal candidate be amongst them?


The benefits of a well-written job advert go beyond making key information readily available for the reader.

Communicate Your Brand

Demonstrate you're a professional organisation and a place where the candidate can further their career in a supportive environment.

Reach The Right People

Encourage applications from qualified candidates with sufficient experience - clearly communicate the requirements of the role.

Use our experts

Constant candidate communication and extensive experience mean we know what works, what job seekers are looking for and how to get you the best response.

Employer Pages


of candidates will research an organisation before applying for a vacancy. An employer page offers a crucial insight into your organisation and provides the information that candidates are looking for.

Candidates like to have a wealth of information on multiple organisations at the touch of a button. Our research discovered that a job board is the first place that a candidate looks for this information.

An employer page offers a crucial insight into your organisation and provides the initial window into your organisation.

This is further backed up by the c330,000 candidates who visit Jobsgopublic’s employer pages each month.

Web Copy

Your website will likely be the first port-of-call for anyone wanting to find out more about your organisation. In order to hold the attention of the person visiting your site it is essential that your site is engaging and the copy is a crucial aspect of this.

Our copywriters are experienced in writing engaging web copy that will hold the reader’s attention and effectively communicate important information.

Our web copy services are primarily part of our Managed Recruitment Campaigns service. Find out more here.

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