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Our products slot together to build the recruitment tools you need

Each of our software, advertising and marketing products and services provide their own innovative solutions to a range of recruitment needs.

Working effectively independently, they have also been designed to work harmoniously in a variety of combinations.

Below are some examples of the most popular combinations our clients are currently using:

Unlimited Job Subscription + ATS

An unlimited job subscription can dramatically reduce the cost per vacancy and allows organisations to rapidly react to a change in circumstance as vacancies can be uploaded quickly and immediately go live.

The use of our ATS allows clients to easily manage large volumes of applications for a variety of vacancies, filter applicants and contact successful and unsuccessful candidates.

This is a simple but incredibly effective combination that allows you to save time and money.

Candidate Attraction – Microsite – Talent Pool

Effective for those with ongoing recruitment requirements or regularly have new positions arising within a certain area.

With highly targeted attraction methods driving candidates to an informative and engaging microsite, applicants can then quickly register their interest for opportunities or an organisation through the Talent Pool. This quickly captures candidate data and creates a database to communicate future vacancies to, as and when they arise.

This combination provides an incredibly effective and smooth candidate journey.

Candidate Attraction & Online Sourcing – Microsite – Talent Pool – ATS – Candidate Services

This combination is recommended for large and complex campaigns.

Candidate attraction coupled with online sourcing ensures high levels of relevant traffic to a dedicated microsite. The subsequent use of both a talent pool and ATS allows 2 stages of filtering in order to secure a high-calibre list to take through to the next stage.

The inclusion of Candidate Services then ensures that applicants are thoroughly assessed, providing a quality shortlist is produced for interview.

This is a thorough and highly targeted approach and goes a long way to securing the best possible appointment at the end of it.

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