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What are talent pools?

Take control of recruitment supply & demand with Talent Pools

A talent pool is a system for gathering information from people - current employees or potential future candidates - that can be searched, sorted and communicated with by recruiters in your company. The aim is to build up base of quality candidates who have knowledge and interest in your organisation in advance of your recruiting needs, or to support your on-going requirement. Think of it as your internal Linkedin.

How It Works

Nearly all recruitment is reactive rather than pro- active; there is an immediate need and a scramble to get a post filled. Most public sector application forms are quite elongated and take a while for candidates to fill in – and put off a lot of those from the private sector.

Candidates are attracted to your talent pool (we can help you with this attraction) and encouraged to leave some information about themselves. The forms are a light touch and take just a few minutes to fill in some key criteria such as qualifications, key skills and experience.

Key recruiting members of your organisation can then search, select, filter and arrange relevant candidates into online lists based on any relevant criteria. The in-built email system can then be used to communicate with a group or individual about upcoming jobs or training opportunities for example.

The talent pool keeps a timeline of all activity on a user’s profile - notes you’ve added, emails you’ve sent and lists you’ve added them to - allowing you to build up a detailed picture of your engagement with them.

  • Candidate Attraction

    Candidates or staff complete a light-touch talent pool profile with key information.

  • Search, Sort & Select

    Recruiters use our powerful filtering tools to find matching applicants.

  • Communicate

    The in-built email system allows you to communicate job invitations, campaign updates & other key information with candidates.

  • Track & Monitor

    Timeline tools let you build up a detailed picture of candidate engagement across users & time.

Land Registry used Talent Pools to hire 60 apprentices

Read the case study



Streamline your recruitment process with direct access to a pool of candidates that have already engaged with your organisation.


Candidates in your talent pool will be more aware of how you operate as an organisation and al- ready “bought-in” to your ethos and business practices through the regular communication you will have with them.


Your cost per hire can be dramatically reduced by saving advertising costs. Your first port of call will be to communicate your upcoming vacancies with your pool of candidates.


Your staff should be encouraged to keep their details updated in your pool, so recruiting man- agers will be aware of their progress, and your staff of opportunities that may arise for them. This will ensure your best people are encouraged to stay with you for new opportunities.



User-friendly system design based on the tasks you’d like to carry out


Easily review profiles online to save paper and instantly work with them


Select your key criteria for easy review at the top of each profile


Search profiles by any combination of questions and answers to work with the results in a group


Generate emails to an individual or group without complex setup

Sort profiles with custom lists

Move profiles into custom lists to easily work with the same selection again

Work in teams with notes

Add notes to update others on your actions – log phone calls, thoughts on profiles and more

Keep track with timeline

All actions are logged with name and timestamps on the profile timeline, keeping the whole team in the loop

A fully bespoke profile form

Ask users the questions you’re interested in

Totally customisable design

Wrap your site in your organisation or campaign branding

Promote with a microsite

Include a microsite with multimedia, text content and other promotional information

Simple user registration

No activation email required - instant access

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