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Is recruitment keeping you awake?

Safer Recruitment, Ofsted, teacher shortages, reducing budgets… just some of the things that might keep you up at night when looking to recruit. Then there’s the matter of actually attracting the best candidates of the bunch.

At Jobsgopublic, we have developed an Education specific solution in consultation with those who actually use it. With the priority on safe, high performing staff, our strategy will help you maintain safer recruitment standards at the same time as promoting you as the place that everyone wants to work.

Reaching more candidates and streamlining your application processes, advertising to the right people, and complying with, not only government legislation but, candidate preference. We’ve got just the ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

How can you delegate responsibility for recruitment, whilst staying in line with Safer Recruitment every single time?

With a shrinking pool of teachers, how can you stand out from the competition and attract the best candidates?

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3 steps for simpler, calmer and safer recruitment

1. Online Advertising

Reach our vast audience of education professionals

With an average of 14 applications per school vacancy, take advantage of Jobsgopublic’s vast audience of education professionals. Whether you need teachers or support staff, we’ve got you covered.

Jobsgopublic advertising combines perfectly with our catalogue of enhancements and marketing services to increase your reach and boost your profile for those tricky and hard-to-fill vacancies.

2. school mini-site

Show off the best about your school to engage applicants

Direct candidates to a branded central recruitment hub, providing key information about you as an employer alongside your current vacancies.

We have done extensive research and we know what teachers want and what they’re looking for when they’re searching for a new job. Let us help you become the school that everyone wants to work at with a school mini-site.

3. online recruitment system

Quickly & easily recruit online - the safer way!

Complete with a online application, fully compliant with Safer Recruitment and other relevant legislation, this places your recruitment activity in one place. We have created a quick & easy way to organise applications and contact candidates through every step of the process. You’ll also be able to retain applications, growing your own pool of candidates. Our media tracking will tell you what’s working and help you recruit smarter, at a lower cost.

1. Online Advertising


average applications for a teaching vacancy on the Jobsgopublic network

And the benefits of advertising with us don't stop there!

Over the last 16 years, we have gained a reputation for working with some of the top employers within the education sector in the UK. This is the reason that those looking to work in schools, academies and colleges keep coming back to Jobsgopublic to search for their next opportunity.

This is also why education vacancies advertised on Jobsgopublic consistently receive high quality applications. Combine a job listing with our top performing enhancements and you can be sure that your vacancy will be highly visible, boosting your profile and widening your reach. Ensure your vacancies get seen by lots of highly qualified, engaged job seekers by advertising with Jobsgopublic.

170,000 education professionals

Put your vacancy in front of a vast network, with 170k monthly visitors from the sector.

A very diverse audience

We are proud to attract a diverse audience of jobseekers, with 33% identifying as black or minority ethnic.

High quality applications

Education vacancies consistently receive good numbers of high quality applications - over 14 on average.

Boost your profile

Combine a job listing with our top performing enhancements and you can be sure that your vacancy will be highly visible, widening your reach.

2. School mini-sites


of candidates search for a school online before applying for a vacancy

A recruitment-centric mini-site places all the key information about your school and you as an employer in one place. Provide candidates with a one-stop information hub, building trust and encouraging those all-important quality applications.

With a recruitment mini-site, we can help make your school one that every one wants to work at.

1. Choose a design

Choose one of two templates and our designers will brand it with your logo, colours and any key imagery that truly represents your school.

2. Tell your story

Give candidates key information about your school, your offer and the local area.

3. We can help

Either provide the content yourself or have one of our professional copywriters do it for you! – our experience has taught us what teachers are looking for and what they engage with.


4. Attract the best

Start advertising jobs! They’ll show up on your mini-site automatically, leading candidates to apply

5. Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd with a great-looking, informative recruitment site, directly linked from your school site.

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Check out our mini-site designs - and customise them to fit your school!

3. Online recruitment system

Streamline your recruitment process, remove the anxiety and provide a first rate experience for your candidates.

An overwhelming majority of teachers complain that schools are unable to provide a positive application experience, a recent survey revealed teachers felt as few as 1% of schools were able to do so.

Jobsgopublic studies have unveiled that the majority of education professionals prefer to apply through an online application form, as many as 54% claiming that a school’s choice of application method may impact their impression of them and up to 27% stating that they might not apply if they couldn’t do so through their preferred method.

So with application methods so crucial and so many schools failing to provide a positive application experience, what can you do to stand out?

On top of this, how can you do all of the above whilst complying with Safer Recruitment legislation at every step of the way?

The Jobsgopublic Online Recruitment System provides you with the tools you need to provide a first rate application experience, helping you retain candidates throughout and comply with all Safer Recruitment legislation.

One simple system

Bring all of your recruitment activity online and in one place.

Safer recruitment compliant

Carry out pre-employment & reference checks inline with Safer Recruitment

Easy & responsive forms

Easy to use online application form, completely mobile and tablet responsive


Smarter advertising decisions

Media tracking tools help you make smarter decisions about how to use your advertising budget

Simple tools to save time

Easily organise and filter your applications and contact candidates at the click of a button, saving you precious time

Grow an applicant pool

Keep records of applicants, to start to build your organically grown pool of candidates for the future

One simple system for recruitment

Find out more about our applicant tracking system for schools

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