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How To Write a Successful Job Advert…

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How To Write a Successful Job Advert…
Olivia Harris, The 22nd of April, 2013

There is a lot of competition when it comes to hiring the best talent, therefore you need to make sure your job advert stands out and puts you ahead of your competitors.

Follow the tips below to ensure your job description attracts high quality candidates, who have right the skills for the job…

Job Title

Describe your job title in plain English, and utilize search engines to find which terms are the most unique but which still remain relevant. Sell the company in a friendly way, explaining why you are a good company to work for, and how the successful applicant will be treated as a valuable member of the team.

Job Description and SalaryHow to create a successful job advert | jobsgopublic

The more specific the job description the more appealing it will be to applicants. General and vague terms in a job description will not prove to be so attractive as jobs that have several actual examples of what the job entails, including responsibilities, working environment, etc. If the job offers opportunities to progress then there should be an emphasis on this, and, similarly, what perks, if any, the job offers.

Two of the most important aspects of a job advert for would be applicants is the salary and the hours. It is more helpful to provide a salary for the job advertised than just a general ‘market share’ term. Also, specific working hours should be given, and whether they are flexible or not. Anyone looking at a job advert is more likely to apply if they can tick off much of the criteria that they regard as important.


A town, city or postcode will normally attract several times more applications than a region or county, as most applicants will not be keen on relocating. This is often purely down to financial reasons, because of how property prices have risen considerably more than salaries in the last decade. Most companies will also not be so inclined to hire employees who have a long way to commute.

Suitable ApplicantsHow to create a successful job advert | jobsgopublic

No one likes having their time wasted, and including the necessary skills and qualifications for the advertised job will help to negate this. This approach will also help you as well, by trimming down the number of unsuitable candidates you may have received for the relevant job.

If people skills are highly desirable for the position then this should be made clear, too. Do you only want highly motivated people to apply, and people who are going to be thoroughly committed to the job? Though the more requirements you include in the job advert may reduce the number of applicants, it will mean that those who do apply are more likely to be of a high calibre.

Ad Presentation

Bullet points are very important, as they allow for the most important information in an advert to appear more prominently. A block of text can be more difficult to digest, and if the ad is up against ads that are better presented, and which offer similar positions, then it may not even be read.

Contact details should also be very clear, and also what is expected of the applicant re the interview.

Description of the Company

It’ll be helpful to mention the standing of a company, though this will need to be backed up by facts that can be easily verified through a simple Internet search. If the company has a social media presence then that should also be mentioned.

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