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Top Interview Questions to ask your Candidates

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Top Interview Questions to ask your Candidates
Olivia Harris, The 8th of May, 2013

Here are some questions to ask people during interviews. Each of them has a practical benefit, but each is also loaded so that subtle indications may be gleaned from the answers. They not only allow you to assess the content of the responses made by the interviewee, but also the things that he/she did not say. They are good for identifying employees that are poor at their job, but that deceptively interview well.

How do your skills match the job at hand?

This allows an employer to glimpse into the experience and talent of the person they are interviewing. It also gives some insight into how much the interviewee has thought about the job. Someone who struggles to answer this question has clearly not thought about how suitable they are for the job.

What motivates you to do a good job?

You should expect to hear how the interviewee takes pride in his or her work. An honest interviewee may state that he/she feels that he/she should earn his/her wage. Others may claim that they are motivated by the chance of promotion and success within their job.

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What drew you to our company?

This may indicate a few acceptance factors that the interviewee has, such as working hours, wage, or advancement opportunities. It will also show how much research the interviewee has done for the role beforehand.

What did you learn in your last job?

This is a very subtle way of finding out how far an employee will go to learn new skills. It is helpful because you may be able to see where the interviewee may have experience that is suitable for the role. If the interviewee does not give an answer of substance, then it is highly likely that the he or she will be difficult to motivate in the long run, and may have to be “lead by the hand” during training sessions, instead of undertaking independent/self-starter learning.

Do you have any examples of how you adapted to change?

A flimsy or lack-lustre answer is acceptable in this case, but every now and again, an interviewee will give an example that shows how he/she is able to think on his/her feet.

Do you foresee any changes that may affect our industry?

When an employee is truly invested in his/her career and job, then he/she will naturally become interested in the industry as a whole. This is true in all jobs, from the highest to the lowest. Many cleaners (commercial and private) were worried when Roomba came out, and even men who make paving slabs will stop at a garden and comment on how the slabs are laid incorrectly because they do not allow water to drain away.

The question may come as a surprise to the interviewee, but if that person was truly invested in his/her career and previous job, then it should not take too long before he or she is blurting out industry predictions. Even incorrect assertions will show that the interviewee has taken an interest in the market/industry of his/her choice.

How would you solve XXXX problem?

You will need to have a few common problems ready. Ask how the interviewee would solve the problems. If the interviewee already has a number of skills and intimate knowledge, then he or she should be able to solve the problems with ease. If the employee is experienced, then he or she may be able to call upon real-world experience. If the interviewee is stumped by the problem, then the same will happen when he/she is employed.

Lastly, be friendly you will get the most of the person if they are in a comfortable environment!

Good luck with the interviews!

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