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Happiness in the Workplace, Increase Productivity

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Happiness in the Workplace, Increase Productivity
James Whiting, The 28th of June, 2013

Increased Productivity, Benefit the Workplace.

It is commonly known that happiness increases an employee’s productivity. This article discusses ways of making the workplace a happier place! Having happy employees not only improves the work atmosphere but will also have multiple long-term benefits on your organisation.

Increasing Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity at Work | Jobsgopublic

In a supervisory role it is important to know that a happier work environment makes for a more productive work environment, which leads to loyalty from employees and better work relationships. For your company this has implications on both profitability and quality of service as there is likely to be less time taken off sick, less staff turnover and higher productivity. There are plenty of ways that positivity in the workplace can be implemented; here are just a few suggestions to help you on your way.

Improve the Workplace Environment

Fresh air and sunlight give both an increase in general morale and are healthier for your workers. Open windows where possible in preference to using air conditioning, but if this is not viable then ensure the workplace is well ventilated and at a good working temperature. If you have employees who are more prone to feeling the heat or cold, see if there is a better way they could be positioned in the room to help them feel more comfortable while working. If there is room for a water cooler then this is ideal, if not then allow workers to drink plenty of water at their desks.

Talk to your Colleagues
Anything from saying ‘hello’ first thing in the morning to asking about their weekend or important events will make a difference to your relationship with your employees. By remembering what they have told you and creating small talk based aro

und these facts, they will feel more important and appreciated at work. It will also allow you an insight to their lives, increasing your chances of knowing if there is something wrong with a colleague enabling you to prevent issues such as staff conflicts or stressful workloads.

Praise where Praise is due
Recognise achievements by individuals no matter how small they may seem. Whether this is thanking them for the completion of a task, assisting with another colleague’s workload or simply clearing out the stationary cupboard, people love to be appreciated. If you miss the opportunity to thank someone you are at risk of them feeling disheartened or not offering again in the future. Timing of praise is crucial, and can depend on the project and the individual too.

Happiness in the Workplace | Jobsgopublic

Some employees may feel embarrassed about being praised too openly in public if they are shy, so send them a brief email or do it in front of a few people. Always start any staff meetings with positive items and special thanks to those employees who have achieved highly throughout the week or month for maximum effect. Give credit where credit is due and make sure that it is given to the right person; there is nothing worse than a manager being given the credit if the employees working for them have done all of the work!

Communication is key to a happier workplace as it can both build relationships and encourage productivity. Knowing your employees and considering them as ‘colleagues’ as opposed to building a barrier is extremely important, whilst maintaining the right level of authority so that they still feel they are being lead. Implementing as many of these skills as possible will help to keep your employees and your management team positive.

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