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New features for your Jobsgopublic ATS

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New features for your Jobsgopublic ATS
Olivia Harris, The 20th of March, 2014

Spring is on the way and here at Jobsgopublic we’ve been hard at work giving the Applicant Tracking System a spring clean!

While we were doing essential maintenance we wanted to add a little something extra for you – we’re pleased to announce the following new features are now live.

Make your vacancies stand out: new formatting bar
How popular is your vacancy? Count visits with our new report
Where’s my applicant gone? Email alerts when applications are withdrawn
No more typing out! Easily add a hard copy application
Help! New customer support section for admin users
And a little something for applicants…

Make your vacancies stand out: new formatting bar


Vacancy descriptions can get a little monotonous with large blocks of text. To help you emphasise your key points and really grab the jobseeker’s attention, we’ve created a new formatting bar for the ATS.

Simply use the formatting buttons to add bold, italics, bullet points or even large headings.

Each button works exactly as you’d find on Microsoft Word or similar programs, but if you’re having trouble or would like to ask a question, please do contact us.

How popular is your vacancy? Count visits with our new report

Vacancy Level ReportsWhile your jobs site will come with Google Analytics, giving you a broad picture of traffic and referrers, sometimes you’ll want to drill down into the popularity of a specific vacancy.

We’ve added a brief new vacancy level report to show you how many unique visitors have seen your vacancy, and how many repeat visitors you’ve had.

To access the report click on your vacancy, then choose Vacancy Visits from the Vacancy Level Reporting menu on the left-hand side.

We’re working on developing our statistics and reporting tools, so look out for expanded information on this report in the future!

Where’s my applicant gone? Email alerts when applications are withdrawn

It can be really frustrating when a shortlisted applicant doesn’t respond to emails or arrive for interviews. Often this is caused by a slight breakdown in communications – the applicant logs into their account and withdraws an application, but the recruitment lead isn’t made aware they are no longer interested.

To help with this, we’ve created an email alert to inform the recruitment lead for a vacancy when an applicant withdraws after the vacancy deadline.

If one of your applicants withdraws from the process we’ll send you a quick email with their name and the vacancy in question, just to keep you in the loop.

No more typing out! Easily add a hard copy application.

Add ApplicantSometimes applicants aren’t able to apply online and will submit, where allowed, a hard copy form for a post.

In the past this has meant needing to manually enter their details on the ATS, so recruiting managers can view the application and shortlist the applicant.

We’ve now added the ability to add a hard copy applicant by attaching their PDF or Word form to their application. Managers will then be able to download this when they view other applications.

For more information on how this works, see the new user guide, section 4.2: on the ATS click Help on the left hand menu to access all user guides.

Help! New customer support section for admin users

HelpMenu2While our support team are always available to answer your questions, we know that sometimes you’d like to figure it out for yourself before picking up the phone.

To help you answer those niggling little questions and keep up-to-date with our latest features, we’ve created a Help section on the ATS.

Here you’ll find all the latest user guides, a Frequently Asked Questions section and a contact us form to firing off questions to the team.

Click Help on the left-hand menu to access the new section – when you’re happy, click Back to ATS and we’ll take you back to the page you were on.

And a little something for applicants…

When we create new features for our customers, we don’t like to leave out our candidates – so we’ve added two new features to help with applying for a job.

Firstly, applicants are now able to download a PDF copy of their application form from their application history, allowing them to save an offline copy, share the form with mentors or others, and review old forms after the closing date.

In addition, we’ve added a little bit of technical magic to make updating forms easier. Now, when applicants add new education or employment experience, saving the page will automatically reorder their entries by date. Quicker applications for the applicant and neater forms for you – perfect!

How can we help?

Let us know how best to contact you and one of our recruitment experts will be in touch.

If you are a candidate having trouble applying for a vacancy or require any other kind of technical support, please contact our Support team via support@jobsgopublic.com