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Talent Pool from Jobsgopublic
Sam Wilson, The 22nd of July, 2014

Recruitment is typically a reactive process, someone resigns or a new position is created and as a result this vacancy is advertised and…you know how the rest goes.

There can be various stresses along the way as you anxiously await the applications, hoping that the next one you see will be ‘the one’. The main issue is that this process is heavily reliant on the right person being in the right place at the right time to see the vacancy and apply. Sometimes you get the right person, sometimes you get someone that you’re willing to settle for and sometimes you reach the end of this arduous process no closer to appointing than you were several weeks before.

What if you had a database of candidates that you could dip into whenever you needed to? A collection of possibilities that you have already looked over and approved and all that you need to do is write a single email that goes out to this group and you’re done!

Talent Pool provides this simplicity to the recruitment process, it provides an ongoing intake of information and leaves you with a database of candidates to whom you can communicate any vacancies that arise. Life really can be that simple!

How Talent Pool works

Sign Up | JobsgopublicWith a short sign up form you can ask any questions you want in order to filter candidates at a later stage. This could include experience levels, sectors, education, desired position, location etc. With the information provided you can review candidate suitability and then communicate appropriate vacancies. You can also continue to communicate with candidates between vacancies to maintain interest and keep them updated of developments.

With these candidates you can be confident that they are more aware of how you operate as an organistaion and have already ‘bought-in’ to your ethos through the regular contact you will have had with them.

Email | JobsgopublicThe use of Jobsgopublic’s Talent Pool has proved especially effective in sectors such as social work and education but can also be used in other high level turnover sectors such as customer services.

Talent pools can also be used for effective internal communications within your organisation. Have all of your employees create profiles on your internal Talent Pool and this provides you with a platform through which you can communicate any important information and developments. It also allows your employees the opportunity to keep an updated profile and then should any vacancies arise it makes it easier to appoint internally.

The benefits of a talent pool

The use of a talent pool can significantly streamline the recruitment process saving you time and money. This is due to the direct access that you have to candidates that you have reviewed and approved prior to the vacancy arising.

The cost per hire can also be dramatically reduced as you can recruit without the use of external advertising. Your first port of call will be to communicate upcoming vacancies to your pool of candidates.

Talent Pool offer a different recruitment experience for candidates, this makes your organisation stand out from the crowd. In a competitive market, anything that can make you stand out will be hugely beneficial. It is important to do whatever you can to make yourself a candidate’s employer of choice, you will reap the benefits when it comes to filling that vacancy with the right candidate.

Recent developments

We always strive to provide the best product we can and therefore are continuously looking to improve Talent Pool wherever possible. These are just a few recent developments we have made. New Profiles | Jobsgopublic

• Tooltips now guide you through your talent pool, highlighting useful hints and new features.
• It is now easier to find the number of new and updated profiles as they are now indicated immediately on your homepage.
• Search criteria can now be saved making it easier than ever to carry out popular searches.
• The email design has been developed with a cleaner HTML template.

Those that are familiar with Talent Pool will appreciate the improvements that these developments will make on user experience.

Be proactive with a talent pool

Using a talent pool allows you to be proactive in your recruitment, rather than waiting to react to a vacancy arising you build a database of candidates who are waiting to be contacted. Time is precious, money even more so, save both with this dynamic new approach.

To find out more about how a talent pool can transform your recruitment process, please contact Neel Patel on 020 7884 3396 or neel.patel@jobsgopublic.com

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