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ATS Updates

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ATS Updates
Sam Wilson, The 29th of January, 2016

With the recruitment world changing faster than ever, we make it an upmost priority to be flexible and ready to change along with it. We are always looking for ways to update and modify the system so that it is ready to help you tackle any challenges you might face.

We are convinced that you are going to get more out of your ATS then ever before this year. The system is more capable than it has ever been and primed to help you make your recruitment processes even more effective and efficient.

Here are a few of the most recent updates.

Editing Shortlisting Scores for individual candidates

One of our newest features is the ability to go back to an individual candidate’s application and edit their shortlisting scores even after this process has finished.

This would allow you to go back and add interview notes to your initial notes if you so wished.

It’s a very straightforward process:

1. Click on your job and hit the applications tab

Shortlisting | Jobsgopublic






2. Click on the candidate

3. Click on ‘Shortlisting Scores’
Shortlisting | Jobsgopublic






4. You can now see all the scores and should notice that there is now an edit button in the tool bar

Shortlisting | Jobsgopublic







5. Click the edit button and modify the scores as necessary and add the relevant note

6. Hit the save button and you’re done!

Emailing incompletes through the ATS

We have now made it quick and easy for you to contact all of your incomplete applicants for a vacancy. This can be highly effective in giving them the nudge they need to complete their application before the looming closing date.

1. Click on the vacancy in question

2. Hit ‘Reports’ and select ‘Application Status’

Incompletes | Jobsgopublic


3. This will bring up the report showing how many candidates are at the certain stages

4. Click ‘Email Incomplete Applicants’ and this will launch the email template screen

Incompletes | Jobsgopublic


5. Fill in the email as you want it and hit ‘Send’!

If you’re still unsure, click here for our user guide.

Whilst the system automatically reminds candidates with incomplete applications 48 and 24 hours before the closing date, this function has still proved useful especially if you want to give candidates a bit more time.

This feature can also be used to contact candidates after the closing date, this can allow you to gain a clearer idea of why they didn’t complete.

Department & Business Unit displayed on Vacancy Details screen

Department | JobsgopublicWe have now increased the information visible on the ‘Vacancy Details’ screen. This allows you to quickly see which Directorate, Department and Business Unit the vacancy is in.


Enhanced anonymity package

Anonymity | JobsgopublicWe are constantly being asked about candidate anonymity when it comes to applications on the ATS. Whilst this is something that has been available for some time, we have been working on ways in which we can enhance this capability.

The system now offers complete candidate anonymity allowing for fully objective screening and shortlisting.

If you do not currently have this function on your ATS, get in touch by calling 020 7427 8250 or emailing support@jobsgopublic.com and we can get it switched on for you.

Advertise your organisation’s department as the employer on a job advert

Department | JobsgopublicQuite often, especially with larger organisations, a department or service has their own distinct identity. When a vacancy arises within this department or service it is more effective to advertise this vacancy with the department as the employer rather than the organisation as a whole.

We have added this to your ATS, under ‘Department Settings’ when uploading a vacancy this option will now be available to you.

Please give our support team a call if you are having any issues with this or any of the other updates mentioned.

Happy recruiting!

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If you are a candidate having trouble applying for a vacancy or require any other kind of technical support, please contact our Support team via support@jobsgopublic.com