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What to include on your careers site

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What to include on your careers site
Sam Wilson, The 29th of June, 2016

Here at Jobsgopublic, we are finding that, in a candidate-driven job market, a growing number are opting for a dedicated careers site as a way to enhance their recruitment efforts.

Standing apart from, but very much connected to, your main website, a dedicated careers page allows you to provide a wide range of information specifically aimed at potential applicants.

Research shows that 91% of candidates will research an organisation before applying for a vacancy, a careers site provides the opportunity to provide them with exactly what they need. This is an incredibly important point as, if candidates are going to be searching for information about you, wouldn’t it be better if you have control of what they find?

So what should you include on your careers site to make it as effective as possible?


Familiarity can be an incredibly powerful tool and one that you can use to your advantage through some fairly simple methods.

Ensuring that your careers site is cohesively branded with your website and social media accounts can create a feeling of familiarity. Once someone is familiar with you, it becomes significantly easier to build trust.

Trust is absolutely key when it comes to securing applications as no one wants to work for a company that they don’t feel that they can trust.

Making the effort to ensure that your careers site is properly branded with your organisation’s colours and logo will not only retain a feeling of professionalism but also go a long way to building trust with potential applicants.


As important as money and stability is to many, most of us really want to work for an organisation with whom we feel that we share values with.

If a candidate feels that an organisation holds the same beliefs and shares their goals, then that will go a long way to building important connections with candidates.

Ensure that your company values are detailed on your site, in a way that demonstrates your passion for the work you do and the impact that is has. This can make a huge difference in building trust and subsequently encouraging applications.

Your offer

In a candidate-driven market, job seekers have more choice than ever in terms of the vacancies that they choose to apply for.

In a market like this, organisations are put in a position in which they must compete with a number of others in order to secure applications from the top talent.

In this situation, your offer becomes significant. What you can offer candidates not only in terms of salary and benefits, but also in terms of working environment, projects and training and development opportunities. These can all have a huge impact on whether the candidate decides to apply.


You might assume that most of your applicants will be local and therefore wouldn’t require information about the local area, the attractions, housing and education.

Studies show that a large percentage of candidates would be open to relocating, especially if the employer offers financial assistance with the associated costs.

Providing key information about your local area can help allay any associated fears that candidates might have and provide you with a much wider pool of talent from which to recruit.


This might seem like an obvious one but is often missed.

Different people respond to different aspects of a benefits package. Some might be attracted to your pension scheme, whilst others will be more attracted to the fact that you offer flexible working. Whilst there are some that could be swayed by the fact that you offer a cycle to work scheme and have a rugby team.

Taking the time to detail your full benefits package could make all the difference in ensuring that you secure as many applications as possible.


No matter how much information you provide, chances are that candidates will still have questions.

An FAQ section gives you the opportunity to potentially provide the answer to these questions quickly and simply. Take the time to go through your site and consider it from a candidate’s perspective, what questions might they have?

No question is too small, if you think that it might come up then include it. It is also important to keep updating the questions with those that come through that you hadn’t thought of initially. If one candidate has asked, then there is a good chance that another will.

The ability to answer candidate questions before they’ve been asked can demonstrate that you understand your audience and contribute to building trust between you and the candidate. This could make all the difference when it comes to those final applications.

If utilised properly, your careers site will significantly enhance your recruitment efforts and provide a centre point around which all activity can be based. When creating your site, take the time to ensure that all the information that a candidate might need is covered in a clear, concise and accessible way.

If candidates can find what they want easily then the likelihood of them applying for a relevant vacancy increases significantly. If they have to search too hard for it, the chances are that they simply won’t bother.

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