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Welcome to our research hub - your one-stop-shop for public sector recruitment insights. 

Get up-to-date analysis into the public sector jobs market, candidate demographics and recruitment marketing data crucial to making critical hiring decisions and shaping your talent attraction strategy.

Public sector jobseeker diversity

Public sector salary report 2022

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How diverse is the public sector?

In order to create an inclusive workforce, you need to understand how well minorities are represented.

Our latest report shows you the demographics of current public sector job seekers (between March 2022 and March 2023).

We analysed over 525,100 applications submitted through our ATS between March 2022 and March 2023. Here's our analysis of public sector demographics with practical advice for creating a more inclusive workplace. 


of job applications submitted to our jobs board between March 2022 and March 2023 are from females


of candidates declared a disability.


identify as part of the LGBT+ community

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Public sector salary trends report

With the UK’s public sector experiencing major skills and retention challenges, salary is a crucial element of Employee Value Proposition. This data will help business leaders and hiring managers hire and keep skilled public sector staff who provide high-quality services to their communities.  


There was a 41% increase in job postings on jobsgopublic.com after the pandemic.


In 2022, Administration/Clerical jobs offered salaries that were 52% higher than before the pandemic.


Three quarters of benchmarkable job types on jobsgopublic.com experienced an increase in gross pay over the pandemic.

Sector Insight: Social Housing

Over the past three years, we've had 5,051 Social Housing roles posted on our job board. 


job seekers are signed up for job alerts on our database.


candidates are interested in housing opportunities


More than two thirds of job searches start with a search engine such as Google. By investing in PPC advertising for candidate attraction, you can catch relevant candidates at the start of their search.

Regional trends in application activity

The following counties/boroughs are seeing the highest amount of application activity from candidates:
  1. Merseyside
  2. Kent
  3. Cheshire
  4. Waltham Forest
  5. Berkshire

The following counties are currently the most competitive for candidates in terms of the volume of job advertising activity:

  1. East Sussex
  2. Merseyside
  3. Berkshire
  4. Cheshire
  5. Surrey

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