Changing to retain talent: PPMA guest webinar

woman cut outAre you struggling to retain talent? If so, you’re not alone.
This April our Head of Resourcing Solutions, Amy Andrews, was a guest on the Public Services People Managers Association ‘s (PPMA) webinar. The theme of this PPMA discussion is how your organisation can reduce turnover by changing how you recruit.
Traditionally, local authorities have appealed to candidates as providing a job for life. But, the dynamic of the job market has changed, as millennials and Generation Z change jobs every one to five years . As a result, public sector organisations have to change their approach to attract and keep these job hoppers 

Attracting and retaining talent for the long term

This is something that Amy’s co-host, Alison Scott, has seen first-hand. Alison is a member of Halton Borough Council’s Organisation Development team and has worked for the council for 17 years.
In the webinar, Alison and Amy discuss how Halton has adapted their recruitment process to attract and retain talent for the long term. They discuss topics such as:
  • Reviewing your job descriptions and person specifications
  • Working with your hiring managers to focus on soft skills
  • How to use psychometric tools
  • Supporting your new hires beyond recruitment
  • How to measure success

Check out the webinar recording below to find out more.

Watch the PPMA webinar on how to retain talent

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