How to support employees facing fertility challenges

Career fertility friction newsletter version-1Around 3.5 million people across the UK will struggle with fertility challenges, according to Fertifa. CIPD's research highlights that only 27% of employers have a policy in place concerning fertility treatment, while 40% don’t have a formal policy and don’t plan to introduce one.

This July, Jobs Go Public was joined by a subject matter expert, Jade Dunn: a career coach with a fertility lens. She helps people to balance fertility challenges and life events, like undergoing fertility treatments or pregnancy loss, with managing a career.

Jade and Amy, our Head of Resourcing Solutions, recorded a free webinar to provide support to those struggling with fertility issues in the workplace.

An introduction to career-fertility friction

Career-fertility friction refers to the many ways in which fertility issues impact an employee’s ability to be their best self at work. Someone may be affected physically, emotionally and financially, but can struggle to voice these stresses in the workplace.

Fertility challenges are all unique, and there isn’t a standard blueprint or guidebook to follow. The journey can be long or short, straightforward, or complicated. This can cause anxiety for those trying to get pregnant, and confusion for managers looking to support staff.

Employees may feel pressure to:

  • Decline promotions and other career opportunities
  • Feel stuck about maternity pay options during a fertility process
  • Go back to work too soon after pregnancy loss
  • Suffer from burnout, anxiety and/or trauma
  • Avoid fertility conversations with managers.

How many people are affected by career fertility friction?

According to the World Health Organisation, fertility challenges impact 1 in 6 people globally and 1 in 4 pregnancies sadly end in miscarriage.

This doesn’t include same-sex couples and single individuals, all of whom are most likely to need fertility treatments to get pregnant.

In all, this equates to millions of workers struggling with career-fertility friction.

A manager's guide to supporting employees with fertility challenges

Our webinar shines a light on the secret struggle employees carry in silence and how it can impact the way they show up in their careers.

As a former HR specialist, Jade addresses the impacts of what she coins career-fertility friction from the perspectives of employers and employees.

We look at:

  • How fertility challenges affect day-to-day life
  • Ways that managers can provide support to individuals who are affected
  • How to create an inclusive work environment in which fertility conversations are normalised.


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Jade Dunn is a Certified Professional Coach with personal experience of pregnancy loss and IVF.

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