How mock interviews can help you ace your next interview

Have you ever been through an interview process without trying a mock interview? You’re not alone. During our webinar ‘How to ace your next job interview’, 64% of attendees said that they don’t bother with mock interviews.

Graph: Have you ever tried a mock interview? 64% indicate no and 26% state yes

According to Standout CV, hiring managers will interview an average of six candidates for every vacancy, so it’s important to prepare in any way that you can. Find out why mock interviews shouldn’t be overlooked and how to set one up.

The benefits of mock interviews

A man and a woman sat on a sofa with cups of coffee laughing togetherWhatever interview you’re invited to – whether that be a formal, informal, telephone, video etc. – mock interviews enable you to:

Boost your confidence:

When your confidence is boosted and you are feeling relaxed, you’re more likely to think clearly and articulate your thoughts with concise answers.

Rambling, talking too much, not saying enough and not providing specific examples are all common interview mistakes. Avoid making these mistakes by practising common interview questions beforehand.

Practice answers to common interview questions

Pinpoint any areas for improvement:

If you find yourself stumbling over certain questions, it’s important to identify why and address these areas early on during a mock interview. Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for feedback. They may be able to point out areas where you can improve. You may not be structuring your answers effectively using the STAR technique, for example.

Familiarise yourself with the interview process again

If you’ve left a long-standing job or you’re returning to the workplace after some time away, a mock interview with friends and family may provide the support you need to step back into a job search and ace your next interview.

How to set up a mock interview

Setting up a mock interview is straightforward once you know how. Here are just some of the ways to set up a mock interview, either on your own or with others:

Practice with a mock interviewer

This could be a friend or family member. Alternatively, try asking a career counsellor, a job placement service, or a connection at your college or university.

If you're interviewing for a specific job, try asking your mock interviewer to role-play as a hiring manager at that company.

Use a careers advisor or a recruiter

If you’re working with a recruiter, they should be more than happy to conduct a mock interview with you to help you to prepare. They will provide feedback on which experiences and skills to focus on based on their own discussions with the employer, so their insights can make a big difference.



In front of a mirror

If you’re stuck for time or prefer to practice on your own, standing in front of a mirror to rehearse your answers is just as effective.

Find a quiet place where you can focus and answer your list of pre-prepared questions out loud as if you're talking to a real interviewer.

Use online video conferencing platforms

Similarly, you can simulate a real-world interview experience at home by using video conferencing platforms online, like Zoom and Skype. They are also great for connecting with friends or family who can’t join you for a mock interview in person.

Pay attention to your body language and facial expressions; there’s the added option of recording yourself to assess how you can improve.

Test the platform before your mock interview to make sure that it is working properly and that you know how to use it.

A lady sitting at her desk is holding a pencil and staring intently at her laptopFinally…

Once you've completed your mock interview, take some time to reflect on your performance. Write down any areas where you think you could improve. Practice your answers again and ask your mock interviewer for feedback if possible.




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