Case study: Attracting private sector building control surveyors

Public and not-for-profit sector employers face a large amount of competition for skilled workers such as Building Control Surveyors. In particular, they compete for the same talent as private organisations who can offer higher salaries for the same roles. However, these employers offer a lot of unique benefits that can draw in candidates from the private sector.

Building Control Solutions in Berkshire recognised that they would have to engage with these candidates directly. They needed to sell themselves to these highly skilled candidates. After failing to use recruitment media to hire qualified building control surveyors to their team, they used our success-based Resourcing Service, Tri-Source. This lead to the successful recruitment of four new experienced surveyors. Three of these previously worked in the private sector.

Graph showing key stats for Building Control Surveyors campaign

The brief

Building Control Solutions were looking for two new Building Control Surveyors and two Senior Building Control Surveyors. Our expert resourcing team started off with a brief. This revealed that they struggled to fill these senior vacancies as candidates were offered higher salaries at private organisations.

They needed to show off what set them apart as an employer to prospective candidates. In addition, they looked to engage with passive candidates who may not have thought of moving from the private sector or a different company.

Our approach

Our resourcing team were able to understand the type of candidate Building Control Solutions were looking for in terms of both their experience and character. This allowed them to conduct a search for the perfect candidates on LinkedIn, as well as through JGP’s extensive candidate talent pool, both in the public and private sectors.

They then got in touch with the best candidates and began selling the roles and the organisation to these candidates. They went into great detail about the opportunity and answered questions that would usually go to the busy recruiting manager.

However, our team didn’t just reach out to these hard-to-find Building Control Surveyors. They helped through the whole recruitment journey, from initial interest all the way to interview. They ensured the top applicants were engaged throughout the process until they received the all-important job offer.

The results

As soon as the roles closed, our team shortlisted the 40 applications received across both roles. From this, 10 went on to interview with Building Control Solutions. Ultimately, this led to 4 hires across both roles, with 3 coming from private sector organisations that wouldn’t have been reached without our resourcing team.

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