Empowering every jobseeker: Announcing our partnership with Recite Me

An aerial shot of a man and a woman sitting at a desk collaborating with their laptopsThis month we’re excited to announce the first in a series of major upgrades to the Jobs Go Public platform.

We’ve designed these upgrades to make your job search easier, with our first update including features such as a new job search engine, social media sign-on, and improved accessibility.

Every jobseeker in the UK should have the ability to equally access work opportunities. We are committed to making our job board technology inclusive to all jobseekers and breaking down barriers for candidates who are disabled or speak English as a second language.

That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with Recite Me, whose assistive technology offers multiple features to ensure websites can be used by everyone.

Recite Me icon logo: "me" on a red speech bubbleWho are Recite Me?

Recite Me’s mission is to create an inclusive digital environment by bridging the gap between online accessibility and usability.

The Recite Me software is a cloud-based assistive toolbar which can be integrated with websites and allows you to customise the site in a way that makes information more accessible or easier to process.

The tools include:

  • Screen reading functionality
  • Reading aids such as a screen mask and dictionary
  • Customisable styling options
  • On-demand live translation with over 100 languages (including 35 text-to-speech options).

How to use the toolbar on Jobs Go Public

To access the Recite Me toolbar on the Jobs Go Public site once it is live, hover your mouse above the navigation menu at the top right of the website and click “Accessibility tools”. The toolbar will expand and offer you three different types of tools and a settings menu.

A screen capture of the Jobs Go Public homepage. A red arrow is pointing to the "accessibility tools" button in the top right corner of the webpage.

Screen readerScreenreader tool screengrab: depicts 3 green buttons with rewind, play and forward icons

The first type of tool available is the screen reader, designed to aid web users who are neurodivergent or have visual impairments.

Users can hover their mouse over elements on the webpage and the tool will read out the content. The screen reader features a natural voice and users also have the option to adjust the reading speed or choose from 35 text-to-speech language options.

A screen grab of the Jobs Go Public homepage: the Recite Me toolbar is visible, and our brand strapline is highlighted to show the screen reader's tooltip above it

Customise the website's styleScreen grab of four style tool buttons. The first three blue buttons depict minus, font, and plus icons. The fourth is grey with a colourwheel icon.

The style section of the toolbar offers 3 different customisation options to make information on the page easier to process:

  • Decrease or increase font size, line spacing, and character spacing
  • Select from multiple font options (including Open-Dyslexic)
  • Choose from dark or light colour schemes, or alternatively customise the colours of elements on the page to suit your needs.

A screen capture of Jobs Go Public homepage with a black background and contrasting yellow text


A screen grab of Jobs Go Public homepage with beige background and black text


Reading support toolsThe image depicts 7 tools for reading - with a rule icon, margin icon, dictionary icon, translator icon, plain text icon, download icon and magnifying glass icon.

The Recite Me toolbar also offers tools to make text on the website easier to read.

These tools include:

  • A ruler to read text line by line
  • Screen mask to hide content on the rest of the page
  • Dictionary and thesaurus for less common words on the webpage
  • A language tool which translates all text on the page on-demand (choose from over 100 languages)
  • Magnifying tool to zoom in to sections of the webpage.
Screen grab of Jobs Go Public homepage: the Recite Me toolbar is visible and there is a black ruler on screen lined up underneath the strapline text


Screen grab of Jobs Go Public homepage: the Recite Me toolbar is visible and the magnifying tool is active on screen. The tool is hovering over the strapline magnifying the words "For over 25 years,"


Breaking down barriers

Our mission is to break down barriers, and with Recite Me, we're making strides toward a job-seeking environment that is truly inclusive.

As you embark on your next job search with Jobs Go Public, know that these tools are here to support you every step of the way.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please get in touch with our team at marketing@jobsgopublic.com.


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